We're kiwikiwi ,
a creative duo that builds unique
websites & brands .

We didn't reinvent the wheel, just the web agency.

No matter where you are in your adventure, we are happy to help you with your website, your brand or your project.

kiwi site

A real website where everything and a little more is included.

From €99/month

kiwi mindblow

An advanced website that blows your visitors away.

From €4999

kiwi subscription

A subscription for unlimited design and frontend development.

From €2997/month

Screenshot of website - Bajo
Screenshot of website - Game Squad
Screenshot of website - Hotel
Screenshot of website - Maira Nila
Screenshot of website - Passion Filled
Screenshot of website - Seeds

kiwi site

A real website where everything and a little more is included

We've developed a system that allows us to build unique websites quickly and efficiently with a little help from AI, automation and smart preparation. This allows us to keep costs down and offer high quality at a low fixed price.

Fast delivery without fuss
You get your unique website delivered in an average of one week. All online without meetings.
Unique design
We never use ready-made templates but small reusable, flexible blocks that we can combine in different ways to create completely unique websites every time.
Search engine optimized content
If you already have content, we can help you refine it, otherwise we will produce new search engine optimized content.
Responsive design
The fact that a new website is "mobile friendly" is something we shouldn't have to write anymore. Your website will obviously follow the latest practices in responsive design.
Smart CMS with AI
You can change and add content to your website yourself. Our CMS is easy to use and has smart AI features that can help you create content.
Fixed monthly cost without commitment
No surprises. You can even export your entire website with both content and source code whenever you want.

Built with and integrated with the best tools on the market

Laravel Statamic Figma Linode Akamai OpenAI Midjourney Microsoft Cloudflare Adobe

kiwi mindblow

A website beyond the ordinary

Do you have an idea outside the box or very special technical requirements? Do you want your website to feel like an experience, or maybe win awards? We can build your website that stands out and help you realize your vision.

Design outside the box
Awards winning design that stands out and makes your visitors drop their jaws.
Advanced integrations
Do you need integrations with external APIs, or maybe advanced search and filtering functions?
MVPs and prototypes
Do you have a business idea that you want to test? We can build a prototype or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that you can test on real users.
3D and motion graphics
There is nothing that takes your website to the next level like 3D and motion graphics.

kiwi subscription

Unlimited design and frontend at a fixed price

Do you need ongoing help with design or programming? Get an experienced designer and frontend developer in your team already tomorrow.

Fast delivery
We deliver on average within 2 days. Often even faster.
Unlimited number of tasks and brands
You can give us as many tasks as you want and for all your brands.
Feed us with tasks
Add and prioritize your tasks in our system. We will take care of them one by one.
No commitment
You can pause or cancel your subscription whenever you want.

From our blog

Sometimes we have something on our mind that we want to share.

An artful and colorful scene of a man and a woman working at their computers, focused on design and programming tasks. They are seated back-to-back.
The Duo

The beginning and the vision

We've just launched our web duo ™, kiwikiwi, with a simple goal in mind: to create digital magic that not only meets your expectations but blows you away!

Emin Jasarevic

Emin Jasarevic

Web Developer

Hey there!

We're Emin and Esma – the duo of kiwikiwi.


Emin Jasarevic



Esma Jasarevic


We have a combined experience of over 20 years in web and design, having built websites for everyone from small startups to large international brands. From simple websites to complex web applications, we simply love modern web!

When you work with us, you get us – the two people who actually build your website. No middlemen, no outsourcing. We are a small team of two, and we like it that way.