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The beginning and the vision

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Hello there!

If you're reading this, chances are you're one of the first visitors to our page! You don't read old blog posts, do you? :)

We've just launched our web duo ™, kiwikiwi, with a simple goal in mind: to create digital magic that not only meets your expectations but blows you away!

After a decade in Stockholm, working on numerous exciting projects, we're now taking our accumulated experience and starting something new, modern, and smart. We're currently based in Åkersberga, but we're definitely operating with a "remote first" approach, aiming to serve clients globally. And yes, we're unabashedly eyeing some prestigious awards along the way. 🏆

We've been building and maintaining websites for small and medium-sized businesses for quite some time, closely working with both startups and well-established companies. We believe we've learned what businesses expect from their websites and how we can smartly fulfill those needs. Our service, kiwi site, is specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses that value a high-quality, custom website at a reasonable price.

Together with our other two services, mindblow and subscription, we're confident we have something really smart for both bigger and smaller companies.

So, what exactly do our services entail?

Kiwi Site - a real website

Most websites follow a certain standard in layout, design, and functionality. This has evolved over time with different trends and technical possibilities, but many common elements remain.

The typical website features a header, logo, navigation, sections presenting content, often in 2-4 columns, sometimes a special section, booking feature, call to action, forms, and usually ends with a footer containing information and links. This is how most websites look, and it's okay – there's a reason for that. It's straightforward and what visitors expect, making it user-friendly.

But beyond the website, clients often have a predictable wishlist, even if they don't always realize it:

  • Unique design. Not a $29 web template.
  • Ability to update content themselves.
  • All the necessary features, ideally integrated with other services they use.
  • User-friendliness.
  • Great content.
  • Google-friendly.
  • No worries about web hosting, caching, backups, updates, certificates, and other technicalities.
  • A reasonable price.

Until recently, it was challenging to check all these boxes. Features like "unique design" and "high quality" didn't always align with "reasonable price" for most small businesses and web agencies. They had to either find shortcuts and compromise on quality or charge a premium (serving only those who could afford it).

Then came the AI revolution.

What was once impossible or time-consuming is now possible, quick, and affordable. And that's almost exactly how you can describe kiwi site - "Possible, quick, and affordable".

We've harnessed the exciting developments in AI, combined with our extensive web experience, to package it into a smart service for those who want a real website.

Kiwi Mindblow

Then there's that niche group that wants all the usual stuff, but also something completely different. Often something out-of-the-box.

They're looking to brainstorm a wild idea involving 3D, animation, and interaction. Sometimes it's a full website to stand out from competitors, sometimes a landing page as part of a marketing campaign. Sometimes, just because it's possible.

Mindblow is our way of showing that we can handle the web's toughest techniques and cater to the most creatively demanding clients.

Kiwi Subscription

Our third service is a modern subscription model for those needing ongoing design or web development. Simply called Subscription, it's ideal for startups requiring more design and frontend help than what would justify a full-time hire, or for web and design agencies needing extra hands occasionally.

What makes this service so smart for businesses is its flexibility and predictability.

  • Unlimited number of tasks
  • Fixed price
  • High-quality - designer and developer with over 20 years of experience
  • Quick response (1-2 days)
  • Fast and easy startup (get going immediately!)
  • No commitment! Pause or cancel whenever you want.

Compare this with the hassles of recruitment processes or protracted quotations.

We'll never outsource this service, ensuring it always has a very limited number of clients.

Made it this far? What a legend! 🌟

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Emin Jasarevic

Emin Jasarevic

Web developer