kiwi site

The smart solution for those who want a real website at a fixed monthly cost.

With a bit of help from AI, our experience, and smart preparation, we build your unique website in an average of one week. Remotely, without costly meetings.

  • Tick Unique design
  • Tick Fast delivery
  • Tick Hosting
  • Tick Content
  • Tick AI
Many clever features
We've incorporated almost every feature you can think of into our platform and are continuously adding new ones. All customers get access to all new features without any extra cost.
Completely unique design
We never use ready-made templates but rather small reusable, flexible blocks that we can combine in various ways to create completely unique websites every time.
Thoughtful content
We can help you improve your existing content or create something entirely new for you.
Satisfaction guarantee
We are so confident that you will be pleased with your new website that we offer a money-back guarantee if you are not.
Digital and asynchronous
We have digitalized the entire work process so that both you and we can avoid costly meetings.

Search Engine Optimized from the get-go

It's crucial that a website first and foremost meets the needs of human visitors, which is also a priority for Google's algorithms. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital as it enhances visibility on search engines like Google, helping your website achieve higher rankings in search results, leading to more potential customers finding it.

Well programmed
We ensure your website is correctly programmed and follows modern web practices, aiding Google in understanding your website in the best possible way.
User experience
A fast and user-friendly website is essential for both your visitors' experience and is one of Google's key ranking factors.
Optimized content
The importance of your website's content for ranking high on Google is no secret. We know the tricks for content that both your visitors and Google will appreciate.

The intelligent website

AI tools act as a creative partner throughout the creation process, tailoring layout and content based on specific needs and preferences, making each website unique.

Generate unique images
With AI technology, we can create images that are perfectly tailored for your website, uniquely yours.
Quick text suggestions
AI-assisted text production allows us to quickly formulate content that reflects your company's unique tone.
Integrated AI in CMS
Our CMS has many AI tools integrated, so both you and we can use them to create a better website.


Statamic and Laravel
Our two technical cornerstones that kiwi site is built on are Laravel and Statamic. Proven technologies that are as innovative as they are flexible.
Our own hosting
Your website is always hosted on our own web hosting. This gives us the control we need to care for it, taking one more thing off your mind.
Backup and monitoring
Your website is backed up daily, a crucial protection in case something goes wrong. Plus, it's monitored around the clock, alerting us immediately if anything is amiss.
You can export your entire website at any time and move it to another provider if you wish (but you won't want to).
Never WordPress
We've chosen not to work with WordPress, purchased foreign templates, or 10-year-old source code.

We take care of your website

A well-maintained website, through regular maintenance and updates, remains not just secure but also attractive to visitors. It also helps engage your audience and often improves the site's performance and search engine ranking.

Content management
You choose whether you want to update the content in the user-friendly CMS yourself or if you want us to help you with it.
Quarterly review
Once a quarter, we do a major review of your website and suggest improvements. This could include design, content, and features.
Always updated
Your website is always updated with the latest version of kiwi site. Good for security and performance.

What can a kiwi site look like?

Screenshot of website - Passion Filled
Screenshot of website - Game Squad
Screenshot of website - Hotel
Screenshot of website - Maira Nila
Screenshot of website - Bajo
Screenshot of website - Seeds

Built with and integrated with the best tools on the market

Laravel Statamic Figma Linode Akamai OpenAI Midjourney Microsoft Cloudflare Adobe

How does ordering a kiwi site work, and what happens after you receive your website?



It starts with placing an order on our website. We will contact you via email within 24 hours to decide whether we want to schedule an initial call or continue working digitally.


Instructions or free reign

You can provide us with instructions and ideas about how you want your website to look and function, or you can give us free rein. You can also provide us with any existing material you have.


Design, programming and content

Often, you'll receive a first draft just a few days later. We work on design, programming, and content simultaneously until you are satisfied.


Launch and celebration

Now we can launch your website and celebrate with cake and balloons if you wish. If you need help with domain names and email, we assist with that too.


Love and care

A website needs constant love to stay on top, just like a kiwi tree. We take care of your website so you can focus on what you do best. You can update the content of your website yourself, or we can do it for you.


Quarterly review

The web is constantly and rapidly evolving. To keep up, we conduct a thorough review of your website once a quarter, suggesting improvements and new features.

Unique website at a fixed monthly cost

No surprises. No hidden fees.


Kiwi Site

A unique website with a modern design, smart CMS, and AI tools.

€99 /month
+ setup fee €299
€999 /year
+ setup fee €299 €0
Order Order
  • Unique design
  • Help with content
  • Smart CMS with AI features
  • SEO optimized from the ground up
  • Unlimited adjustments
  • Web hosting
  • Always updated
  • Quarterly review

Kiwi Site Pro

Everything in Kiwi Site plus e-commerce.

€149 /month
+ setup fee €499
€1499 /year
+ setup fee €499 €0
Order Order
  • Everything in Kiwi Site
  • Multi-site
  • E-commerce
  • Sell unlimited number of products
  • No added transaction fees

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Common questions

Do you have a question that you can't find the answer to here? Email us at or book a call and we'll help.

How can it be so affordable when it's custom-made?
We've streamlined all the elements common to most websites and built a really smart, high-quality foundation. For the parts that make a website unique and tailor-made, we use our AI tools, which quickly provides us with suggestions and ideas specifically for you and your needs. Then, we add a bit of experience, love, and care, and voilà, a custom-made website at a low price.
Why don't you work with WordPress?
There are some good things about WordPress, but there are also many drawbacks. We've chosen not to work with WordPress because our experience shows that there are better alternatives. WordPress is an old system that has become large and can easily open up security holes. It's no coincidence that agencies working with WordPress often offer "malware cleaning" as one of their services. We don't want either us or our clients to have to worry about that.
Do you have a phone number I can reach you at?
As part of our efficiency strategy, we've opted out of spontaneous phone calls. We have fantastic support built into our platform, accessible via email, and you can also book a call with us.

Is kiwi site not for you?

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